Progress report for our Unity Plaza – 220 Riverside mixed-use project

Site work included continuation of underground storm, water and sanitary sewer. The building saw the pour of the 2nd level elevated slab, respective column completion, CMU in Garage as well as start of CMU in shafts, stairs and elevators. Pool vaults will soon be poured and foundation walls will be backfilled. The garage with then see the install of fire protection and HVAC. Unity Plaza and 220 Riverside are coming alive.

Further at our design meeting today including Unity Plaza, Hallmark Partners, Studio 9 Architecture, Elkins Constructors and England-Thims & Miller, we set an important construction goal for initiating the building of the park phase of the project by December 1. Health and well-being events for the Community First Hale & Hearty 7k and the North Florida Land Trust are slated to kick-off at the plaza as early as mid-May 2014. Each event is slated to bring an average of 2500 visitors to the site and we are aiming for the essentials to be ready!

“Great cities need an iconic place for the community to come together,” said Alex Coley, president for Hallmark Partners, which is developing 220 Riverside along with apartment industry leader MAA and Bristol Development Group. “After planning for more than a decade, we are thrilled that 220 Riverside can and will be that place for Jacksonville, combining housing, shopping and eating establishments with a vibrant, dynamic gathering space for Jacksonville.”

The 220 Riverside project represents a $39.5 million investment into property that has long been vacant. It will spur economic growth in this distressed area and serve as a catalyst for future redevelopment. Additionally, the 220 Riverside project will serve as an important point of connection as the revitalization of historic Brooklyn will expand the housing and entertainment venues of Riverside and Avondale into the downtown core.

Thank you for your support!
Jen Jones
Executive Director | Unity Plaza

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