Linda Solomon Showing @ Riverplace Tower

Linda Solomon will be showing at Riverplace Tower from August – October.  Stop by Riverplace @ 1301 Riverplace Blvd  Jacksonville, FL

Interview with Linda Solomon by JJ

How did you come up with ideas for your art?

I come up with ideas for my art through personal experience which is often accompanied by emotional and spiritual interaction.  For example, I  paint the people I love and work with,  the sunrise that I view and experience and the dancers who come to me while I dance my paintings.  Sometimes i find my ideas in the canvas itself because I’m open to discover and not let my mind run the show.

How did you make it? (physical and mental process)

Painting for me is very physical.  I generally  listen to spiritual music and literally dance my paintings.  I’m open to allow what comes through me to surface and express itself on the canvas.  What I find on the canvas I make more clear for the viewer.

What do you see as the strengths of your art, visually or conceptually?

My art is visually powerful in color shape and design and its all about oneness.  There is harmony in all of my work.

What is the best comment you have ever heard from a patron and/or viewer of your artwork?

The best comment from a viewer of my artwork is that I the artist am  connected to dimensions that are not seen by the naked eye.  I allow the angels, ghosts or multiple alternatives to appear on canvas.  there is always more than what meets the eye

What artist or artists – art historic or contemporary – inspire you the most?

Chaim Soutine is the artist that presently speaks to me most.  I’m drawn to his work and maybe his voice joins mine.  I love the paintings of Chagall and the Impressionists .

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