“Moppin Up McCoys” Restoring Jacksonville’s Emerald Necklace

 NFLT_Green_logo349“[This] Project will serve as a baseline program that will allow this organization and its partners to develop and refine an urban creek restoration and conservation plan that will be rapidly implementable and quickly facilitate a citywide effort to improve waterways and contribute pedestrian connectivity and economic enhancements throughout metropolitan Jacksonville.” — Marc Hudson, North Florida Land Trust

“We applaud your efforts in creating the Downtown Streams Initiative. These fresh water tributaries are an integral part of the fabric and essence of Jacksonville.” — The Honorable Alvin Brown, Mayor

“We are excited that your initial focus will be on McCoys Creek in Jacksonville due to its historical significance and the fact it is heavily polluted, and this pollution finds its way via the creek into the St. Johns River.” — Barbara A Jackson, Florida Native Plant Society

“This project will greatly assist our community in creating a more sustainable future by promoting responsible environmental stewardship, linking economic development and increasing the well-being for our community.” — W. Alex Coley, Hallmark Partners

Mission: To implement restoration projects and awareness campaigns around McCoys Creek.

Vision: Restoring McCoys Creek to a lifeblood source in Jacksonville’s Urban Lifestyle.

Short Term Goals: Wells Fargo Environmental Solutions for Communities Grant

  • 3 Clean Ups— September 28th (National Lands Day), February 23rd, April 20th (Earth Day)

    • Info booths, exercise stations, vendors, food trucks, music, and more!

    • Interpretive stations telling the story of McCoy’s Creek and its importance.

    • Kayak demonstrations— outdoor recreation potential.

    • Plantings along the creek- restorations and beautification.

    • Intensive removal of waste and debris from sections using a backhoe. Long-term investment in a Baffle Box to decrease waste build-up.

  • 3- 4 Educational talks with experts on various related topics.

    • Water quality, Klutho vision, urban living planning

Long Term Goals: Community Sponsors (Additional Investment)

  • Partnership with local communities, business and organizations to promote and protect the creek.

  • Bring awareness, activity and commerce to The Emerald Necklace and urban neighborhoods, creating a Urban Greenway.

  • Community building programs- dog park, urban gardening, recreational centers, etc.

  • Turn a portion of McCoys Creek Blvd into a pedestrian roadway.

  • Create a pedestrian bypass to connect McCoys to Baldwin Trail.

  • Storm water System Restoration Pilot Project

Public Opinion

“…Screaming potential”

“Looks like it could be the city’s version of Central Park”

“…Could be a shining jewel”

“Use this as a springboard for investment in the adjoining areas. This can be a very effective way to make our urban core more attractive to our population, creating a more vibrant downtown Jacksonville!”

…These Clean Ups Are Just the Beginning!…

St. Vincents: Brenda Robinson
COJ: Brian Burket, Daryl Joseph
Greenscape: Anna Dooley
Native Plants Society: Barbara Jackson
RiverKeeper: Lisa Rinaman, Shannon Blankinship, Sarah Nan & Duncan
St. Johns River Alliance: Mark Middleburg, Andrea Conover
imucuan Trails: Maria Mark
City Council: Jim Love

Great Article on McCoy’s Creek at MetroJacksonville

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