Unity Plaza embraces Jen Jones Art Annexes and Now Provides 100% of Proceeds to Artists

Unity Art Annex Poster

A Personal Letter on Transition   by. LA Sullivan

Jen Jones has been a pioneer for the visual arts movement and revolution here in Jacksonville for two decades.  As an artist, professor and her former gallery director, I cannot recall an event or project that hasn’t benefited from her guidance, promotion and expertise.  Operating a corporate art business while facilitating gallery events, Jones has been integral in showcasing local artists to the greater public while seamlessly introducing us to national artists as well.  The apex of her years of hard work and dedication to the arts community in Jacksonville came along only a few months ago when Jones was offered the position of Executive Director for Unity Plaza, Jacksonville’s premier, highly programmed Central Park under construction at 220 Riverside Avenue.

During the recession, Jones developed the concept of Public Art Annexes to give the community unfettered access to the best and brightest art stars in our region and then methodically spread these out over our diverse city.  With her career transition, they have transformed as well.  You will be pleased to know that these showcase opportunities for area artists will not only still be available, but expanded and redesigned to provide more Art in Public Spaces in publicly accessed corporate buildings.  And will as well, support artists by creating an opportunity where they retain 100% of all proceeds from their art sales under the safety umbrella of Unity Plaza’s nonprofit endeavors.

You read that correctly!  Each artist featured in these various public art galleries will be able to sell their creations and retain 100% of the profits.  Let the growing and blossoming commence!  If you see the poster shown here, you know you are walking through an official Unity Plaza Art Annex.  You will also know that when you purchase from one of the featured artists, you are directly supporting the artist, their future creative endeavors and the inherent culture of our community.

Currently, Jones has confirmed eight unique Unity Plaza Art Annex locations, all partnering with Unity Plaza’s not-for-profit commitment to uplifting community consciousness, and with several more spaces in the works:

Biscottis – Avondale

DVA – Southside

JAX Chamber – Downtown

Juice ~ a Unity Plaza Gallery @ Wells Fargo Tower – Downtown

NAI Hallmark Partners – Southpoint

Riverplace Towers – Southbank, San Marco

RS&H – Deerwood   and   UNF Thomas G. Carpenter Library – St. Johns Town Center

Our thanks goes out to you for being a patron of the arts and supporting the continued transformation of Jacksonville.  Please follow the blog at UnityPlaza.com to keep abreast of upcoming shows and soirees to meet the creators.  To receive Unity Plaza’s monthly design & programming progress report newsletter, email jj@unityplaza.com.


One thought on “Unity Plaza embraces Jen Jones Art Annexes and Now Provides 100% of Proceeds to Artists

  1. This visionary concept deserves support.
    Our company, Gullwing Arts and our organization, The World Freedom Project, would like to contribute in some way to this concept.

    Jay Jourden and Margo Buccini
    The World FreedomProject

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