Construction Milestones

220 Riverside apartments:
Several important milestones have been accomplished in the period of the past few weeks.  The wood framing of the 220 Riverside units began July 30 and the official Framing Walk-through will take place August 27.  At this time the architect (Studio 9 Architecture), developer (NAI Hallmark Partners) along with our construction partners will physically review space optimization, functionality, the “cool” factor and quantify whether the high-integrity design intent has been met.
Unity Plaza Design/Build:
Programming ideas have reached a place where we are designing and building to accommodate ultimate fan comfort, a state-of-the-art digital landscape, and the most inspired and impactful ideas collected over the previous decade from global, national and regional sources.  Tuesday, August 6 brings the initial day for calendaring and final coalescing of the thousands of programming plans selected for 2014-2015 – fully variational from seasonal to small and very large in scope.  North Florida Lands Trust and Community First Hale & Hearty kick off major events on the property in May 2014.
Retail space:
The retail space shells have taken full shape and currently a Feedback Forum ( is being conducted to request your insight on the independent retailers to be chosen that represent the best and brightest for Jacksonville.
Restaurant space:
We are currently interviewing prospects for several “best in class” independent restauranteurs.  August 1 marks the date we inked a deal with a thought-leading, globally renowned, holistic-based food and beverage company to hold our restaurant selection process to an international cuisine, design and programming standard — while celebrating native talent and staying in synthesis with the park’s uplifting mission.

One thought on “Construction Milestones

  1. I’m excited about this new park for Jacksonville and think it will be an important upgrade for our city. Would like to keep track of the progress. As a senior citizen turning 75 tomorrow, I would love to see my grand children and great grandchildren have a place like this for the future…Respectfully…

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