Help us choose the four 220 Riverside retailers!


The Unity Plaza & 220 Riverside mixed-use project is underscored by a mission to provide Jacksonville an inclusive home to celebrate who we are and lift our potential up as a community and as individuals.   This mission is a fixture in the selection of the independent (non-big box) retailers to be chosen for the 4 spaces available inside our Plaza retail.  These retail outlets will be supported by 300+ days of multi-dimensional, inspired programming, and two gorgeous restaurants – a progressive farm to table restaurant and a chic, urban, after work hang-out.

With this in mind, we need your help.  It is extremely important to pull together your thoughtful comments to ensure we are providing the “Best in Class” and “Best for Jacksonville” shopping options at this site, as well as supporting independent proprietors who will champion the spirit of the Plaza’s mission and have long-term staying power.

Therefore, we ask you to have a voice in this selection.

What would you like to see here?    Although not mandatory, our preference is to support the best of Jacksonville, so please think indigenous in your ideas too.

Thought stimulators – answer one or more!

~ What industries do you envision being supported in the four retail spaces at the plaza?

~ Who is your favorite proprietor in town….the person for whom’s retail entity you have such loyalty you can’t imagine shopping anywhere else for the product?

~ What special type of retailer is missing in Jacksonville?

~ What have you seen outside of home that we should bring here?

~ What would attract you to the Plaza?     (For instance, as a mom I would love to have better access to the Lego play business “Bricks 4 Kids”, located in Fleming Island.  It’s original location is way too far for me to engage the kids spur of the moment.  If it were in the urban core, I would be their best client!)

~ What type of independent retailer would support the type of events you hope we bring to the Plaza?

We appreciate the time and energy you place into this selection process by commenting to ensure we are aware of and consider all of the best possibilities.  For ideas pertaining to existing retailers, we will visit their flagship store to enjoy why you love them for ourselves!

Thank you – Jen Jones | Executive Director | Jacksonville Unity Plaza, Inc.

16 thoughts on “Help us choose the four 220 Riverside retailers!

  1. I can think of four types of businesses that would work in the Brooklyn sector. A coffee shop, an ice cream shop (dreamette), a flower shop and a party store/craft store. All would provide a use to the businesses in the area and attract browsing from people attending events at Unity Plaza.

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  3. Sweet Pete’s Candy (and ice cream) Shop! A hair and nail salon. An upscale pet accessories store. An eclectic gift shop, such as One of Each (formerly in 5 Points, now at the Beaches) or The Ward Room (San Marco). A newsstand/tobacco shop.

  4. To create a people center, you need food and by that I mean restaurants. For a restaurant to be successful you need to create a destination. A place where when you say let’s go out tonight – you head to the place that has a couple of choices. All four spaces should be restaurants.

  5. Native Sun is an example of a store that I would love to see at Unity Plaza.
    Another example of a local, engaging ,privately owned store is Red Daisy in Atlantic Beach (gifts, jewelry, trunk shows, etc. ) .
    An upscale clothing store for men and women is a great idea; however, would the community support it?
    Possibly the Bookmark ( privately owned bookstore in Atlantic Beach) would be interested in opening . The Bookmark is one of the few independently owned book stores in the U.S. The owner is frequently interviewed on national NPR .

  6. I concur that a cafe / coffee shop would be essential for this area. A destination that will have people coming & going all day, cafes / co-work spaces will definitely lend to this. Also, I hate that I have to drive to big box book stores (none close to Riverside) to get a decent magazine selection. This could be a book store / newsstand & coffee shop. An art supply / paperie / craft store would probably be well received by the area. And of course Burro Bags is a great example of local craftsmanship. I would love to see more artist / design centers & studios (ala downtown St. Pete, I think they have a nice mix of art, retail & dining).

  7. A local Williams-Sonoma type cooking/kitchen supply store that offers cooking classes/demos, locally made products. An art gallery focused on the up and coming local artists that cannot afford gallery space. Maybe a partnership with CoRK since they are right in the immediate area? There could be space for classes/demos. All types of mediums.

  8. I think a place like Diversions Relaxation and Wellness Store would be a great addition. There is no other store like it. There are already so many clothing stores and cafes in this town it’s ridiculous. How many more places to eat do we need? It’s time for something new. They already have a great following in Downtown and would bring many different aspects to the retail space. Their business model holds several options for anyone visiting Unity.

  9. Due to unforeseen circumstances I was not able to suggest recommendations sooner and may now be too late but I offer them anyway. I am very disappointed to see that the 1st 2 retail stores are chains. Our independent Native Sun and Grassroots Market stand head and shoulders over Fresh Market and Corner Bakery is an unknown to our area but there are many restaurants that are known and are standouts. Do local businesses have any chance of being supported by this project?

    Thank you. Sally Steinauer

    • Thank you for this comment, Sally, and I apologize that I am just seeing it in the “awaiting approval” section of our blog. Our project will only boast non-commercial food purveyors and we could not agree more with your ethos, it is shared here as well. We believe in promoting and supporting the best of Northeast Florida. The project causing your concern is next door to our project, The Shoppes at Riverside. In the footprint of our campus, at 220 Riverside, we will boast a large destination restaurant, a best practices gourmet brasserie (this vendor was recently selected from emerging Jacksonville talent) and a sultry, beautiful, after work hang-out space with gorgeous river views. We will keep you posted!

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