Juice ~ A Unity Plaza Gallery brings Painting Instruction Downtown

Acrylic Painting Classes by

Fine Artist & Painting Instructor Anthony Whiting
Juice ~ a Unity Plaza Gallery in the Wells Fargo Tower Building
1 Independent Drive, Jacksonville, FL
Beginner level:         starts Tuesday    Oct 1st  6 PM – 8 PM  for 6 weeks
Intermediate level:   starts Thursday  Oct 3rd  6 PM – 8 PM  for 6 weeks
Workshops are limited in size.  Please register early!
Description:  The 6-week courses of instruction include the basics of painting with acrylic paints, demonstrations, one-on-one coaching, learning by doing and informational handouts.  All students will complete several paintings by putting into practice a method of creating paintings whereby successful end results are likely regardless of past experience or level of expertise!  Drawing skills not required.  Some of the many topics to be covered:  composition, center of interest, values/tones, basic color theory, paint transparency & opacity, textures, brush strokes, glazing, scumbling, underpainting, negative shape painting and elements of design.
You will learn to paint and also to express your own feelings, emotions and passion.  Van Gogh, in letter to his brother Theo stated  “There’s something inside me trying to get out!” – the feelings he was experiencing!  You can too!  And, expect and encourage spontaneity and serendipity to be among the painting results.  Acrylic paint is a beautiful medium to help make those things happen!
All instruction, paints, brushes and related class items are provided for the course fee of $159.  Pre-registration is required by email to awhiting@whitingstudios.com.   Please call me with any questions at 904-234-1422 — although note that between Sept 5th and Sept 20th I will be travelling some of that time and I may not be able to get back to you by phone until after the 20th.
You may see examples of student artwork, testimonials and what they said about the class experience at: http://www.whitingstudios.com/Painting_classes_by_Anthony.html

JUICE - A Unity Plaza Gallery

Anthony Whiting
Fine Artist & Painting Instructor
Phone:  904-234-1422
Whiting Studios

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