JAX2025: The Sound of the City

JAX2025 4color logo web ready

Every great city has a vision of itself and what it should be. JAX2025 is the broadest and deepest community consensus that Jacksonville has ever known. After thousands of residents answered survey questions and attended public meetings, 10 Targets have been identified to work towards as we build the created vision together over the next twelve years. You can read the entire JAX2025 report, explore the targets and their vision statements on the JAX2025.org website, as well as view projects across Jacksonville that are working On Target at JAX2025OnTarget.org.

Currently, four Focus Task Forces have formed under the JAX2025 initiative to begin collapsing current silos and align organizations together so that we may begin seeing early progress. The task forces are centered around the themes of Distinctive Neighborhoods, Government Openness & Responsiveness, Encouraging Bicycle & Pedestrian Transportation, and Diverse & Inclusive Community. The meetings of these task forces are free and open to all – just visit JAX2025.org/events to view the next meeting time.

Together, we can Build it!

Check Out This Amazing Video:

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