Keith Doles Showing @ JAX Chamber


“I create with a childlike, energetic spirit. I use geometric shapes and organic forms and merge them into work that feeds the mind with wonder, reflection, and question.”

My range of work includes graphic design, painting, and wood sculpture. I’m a Jacksonville native who graduated from the University of North Florida with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Graphic Design in 2001. During that time, my paintings were displayed at the Ritz Theatre and LaVilla Museum in Jacksonville and later at The Arts Center in St. Petersburg. For two years, I’ve worked as an illustrator for an aspiring children’s book author and had a pen and ink drawing published in Impact Press magazine in 2002.

In 2005, I earned a Master of Arts degree in Business from Webster University where I learned how to finance my painting commissions and design projects. It didn’t help me land a job in the corporate world, but it was useful when I began painting portraits for professional athletes, friends, and family members. My left wrist injury and surgery in 2005 led to a revival of my childhood painting style, which consisted of wild, vivid colors and vigorous brushstrokes.

When I paint, I use yellow ochre, crimson, and phthalo green to build my shapes and add emotion to the subject and background. My influences include Cubism and Abstract Expressionism. And, my graphic design and painting style is a mix of fractured space (geometric shapes layered in perspective) with expressive color. I paint for clients every now and then, but these days I find more time to paint what I feel.

I’ve also taken an economical and environmental approach to creating art by using discarded wood and metal to produce abstract sculptures of the human form. My statues are generally held together by either screws, glue, or thin aluminum rods which act as a skeleton to hold the joints in place.

I have produced commercial art for web designers, graphic designers, and small businesses. Depending on the assignment, I’m free to create original work to fit the client’s needs. However with a design that’s going to be use for print, I have to keep the artwork crisp and easily communicable to the target audience. In recent years, I’ve taught graphic design courses at DeVry University Jacksonville Metro Campus and painting workshops at Michaels Stores.

My work has been featured in several group art shows and I’ve participated in youth art outreach activities in Jacksonville and St. Augustine. I’ve had the honor to have some of my paintings published in three consectutive ArtWanted international art calendars (2008, 2009, & 2010). I continue to design for clients across the country and frequently present my artwork in galleries in St. Augustine, St. Petersburg, and Jacksonville. My work can be found in private collections and public institutions.

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