Co-founder of the Nation’s #1 Urban Space terms Unity Plaza ”Sophisticated”

On August 30, 2013 the Unity Plaza management team met with Bryant Park Corporation President, Dan Biederman in NYC. Dan provided our team a thorough backstage tour explaining operating details of America’s #1 privately operated park. Dan was gracious and generous in providing us invaluable details into the true nature of New York’s renewed Bryant Park – offering over 1000 free events with universally appealing and unifying themes. Calling on lessons from over thirty years of first-hand operating experiences at Bryant Park and evoking the words and insights of mentor William “Holly” Whyte (author of The Social Life of Small Urban Spaces). Dan gave us great insights into the inner workings of design, delivery and operations of what will become Jacksonville’s own iconic community heartbeat, Unity Plaza.   Remarking on his decades of consulting programmed urban plaza concepts around the globe, Dan stated that “(Unity Plaza) is among some of the most sophisticated projects he’s seen.”

Love happens in urban parks ~ amazing Bryant Park moment ~ flash mob marriage proposal

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