JAXChamber 2013 Leadership Trip

Jen’s Major Take-away:  Charlotte’s stake-holders all had a voice and sat at the same 90 person table to devise a master plan in 1968 and then methodically cultivated it until it came to full life in the 2000’s. Their City Manager, Harvey Gantt stayed the course in leadership to oversee the consistent effort be maintained and results met. Aundra Wallace, our DIA CEO, can be Jacksonville’s Harvey Gantt to see this through. It is now time for our stakeholders to coalesce around Aundra and get the process moving forward. NAI Hallmark Partners and Unity Plaza have joined the movement with full intention to celebrate our rich historical heritage while designing, building and creating a fully confident Jacksonville of the future.

JAXChamber 2013 Leadership Trip

Looking Back What Charlotte Did Right and its Major Observations Regarding Reaching its Full Potential as One of America’s BEST CITIES!

1.  Negotiate Fairly, Openly, Respectfully and Honestly

2.  Negotiate Knowing that Many Issues are not Mutually Exclusive

3.  Negotiate Knowing there will be Another Day and Another Project

4.  Negotiate Knowing that the Final Product Must Withstand All Scrutiny

5.  Reduce the Complex and Complicated to its Simplest Terms

6.  It is a Marathon, Not a Sprint

Charlotte is Built on a Strong Public/Private Foundation

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