Vote for Holistic Rejuvenation ~ Spa @ Unity Plaza?

Unity Plaza Embraces Consciousness-Raising Movement in Retail Businesses

As Unity Plaza develops, there are some fairly big considerations to take into account when choosing who will fill the retail spaces surrounding Jacksonville’s prestigious urban park.  Leadership for Unity Plaza firmly believes in businesses that support wellness and community enrichment, raising our standard of living to a higher collective consciousness.
A recent article ( about “how Cultural Creatives are transcending alienation and isolation in an industrial world and bringing forward the practical wisdom of conscious living.” inspired leadership at Unity Plaza to consider eventually placing an holistic spa to the retail opportunity there.
Unity Plaza’s mission is to serve the Cultural Creatives population – the fastest growing subculture of humanity, a group known by sociologists to be 40% or 80 million Americans now and up from 20% in 1985 – and provide a place where we can find each other, this diverse group bound together by our values, not our political, economic or genealogical aspects.
Unity Plaza would love to know if the good folks of Jax would like to have a spa experience housed at Unity Plaza and would they utilize it?
Please take a second to answer our poll!

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