Atlanta & Hilton Head Artist DAVID WENDEL Showing @ NAI HALMARK PARTNERS

Showing November 8 – December 31

NAI Hallmark Partners
6675 Corporate Center Pkwy
Jacksonville, FL 32216
“The nature of light fascinates and fills my work, particularly reflected light.
A realist by trade and training, the spectrum calls me to explore the abstract nature of light and form via a textured, thick application of various media.
Automobiles were an early love, now several series including “A day in the life” explores our everyday interaction and relationship with daily objects, and a “Lowcountry” series about one of my favorite places in the world…the southern lowcountry.”

How did you come up with ideas for your art?
Things that I have a strong passion about and are also visually interesting are the primary criteria. I’m particularly drawn to the design of something, whether man-made or not. Automobiles were one of the first series started 20 years ago, and I still enjoy doing those.
The low country work I’m honored to have featured at the Hallmark Corporate headquarters are one my favorite places in the south, and that is my current series titled “The Golden Isles”.

How did you make it? (physical and mental process)

Finding the subject, a large number of photographs are taken and the best are chosen. The shots are printed and I use those for my guide in painting. Sometimes I use the computer screen itself for referencing. Composition is always important, as well as proper contrast for interest to the eye. It seems to be more interesting if only a segment of a subject is showing, leaving the entirety up to the viewer. I generally alternate between the tight realism work with a looser, more interpretive piece.

What do you see as the strengths of your art, visually or conceptually?

My professional training and previous graphics career relied on the ability to replicate what i saw, and being able to render that subject realistically. Taking things we see but don’t see and bringing their story to the forefront is compelling. Digesting that realism is the next journey.
The true strength of any work is what the viewer takes away from the experience.

What is the best comment you have ever heard from a patron and/or viewer of your artwork?

Several years ago I had the pleasure of doing a commission automotive piece for a client.  It was of her husbands MG, the love of his life (besides her husband). When presented to her at the gallery, she wept with joy. It doesn’t get any more rewarding than that. I about cried myself.

What artist or artists – art historic or contemporary – inspire you the most?

Ralph Goings, Richard Estes, Chuck Close, Frederick Remington, Claude Monet, Rembrandt and Norman Rockwell are a few. Other artists I admire that I know personally such as Susan Easton Burns and Thomas Arvid have been and continue to be influential to my work.


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