One Spark 2014 Crowdfunding Success!

“The work that Alex, Jen and the Hallmark and Unity Plaza teams do in the community is so strong, and their support of our One Spark 2014 crowdfunding campaign continues to demonstrate that. We’re grateful for our strong relationship with this dynamic team and look forward to what they have in store for Jacksonville!” -Joe Sampson, Executive Director-  One Spark

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Friends of One Spark,

Our goal was to raise at least $50,000 via 500+ funders during our One Spark 2014 crowdfunding campaign on Our call was for Jacksonville and the creative community abroad to back The World’s Crowdfunding Festival through your financial contributions and demonstrate a critical mass of support. I’m writing to thank you for answering that call. Because of you, One Spark 2014 will be BIGGER and BETTER, and we’ll be able to point to your action as we spread the message to all the right people in all the right places that Jacksonville (and the world!) want One Spark to return.

With our campaign successfully closing yesterday at 1PM, we are proud to announce that 532 disruptors, curiosity seekers, and action-takers such as yourself contributed to raise $70,556, allowing One Spark to not only continue in 2014, but to grow and expand to reach a global audience.

Over the coming months, we’ll be making some big announcements related to specific One Spark 2014 programming and our global expansion plans, but we will never forget that it all started here with you! We are humbled, empowered and inspired by your support, and we can’t wait until April to push One Spark beyond what anyone previously thought possible. It’s going to be a blast and will once again prove to be the biggest event Jacksonville has ever seen. But more importantly, we will continue to break down the barriers between great ideas and the resources they need to become a reality.

Please stay up to date on current announcements at and feel free to email with any questions. Thank you once again for answering the call – you are the change, you sparked the movement, and you are One Spark.


Joe Sampson

Executive Director

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