Countdown #2 to Unity Plaza Opening – Inside Plans Made Public – Presenting the Official Specialty Merchandise List

Image               Image

In completing the business plan for Unity Plaza last month, we resolved thousands of critical details.

One element defined along the way is the initial bevy of branded merchandise to be provided in our “Mash-UP” retail and gourmet food space.

Unity Plaza Specialty Merchandise will include items such as……..

~ Books, CD’s and DVD’s

~ Bottled Water:  Profits Support the Jacksonville-born effort Clean Water Music Fest’s placement of wells in underprivileged nations around the globe

~ Dream-catcher Bowls:  Created by the public under the guidance of local ceramic artists, medium is Raku

~ Fine breads, Coffees & Gourmet Grab-and-Go Foods  (we are selecting the individual, specialty purveyors now)

~ Herb Candles:  Artfully designed, environmentally friendly and long-burning – casting the playful scents of flora and herbs found at Unity Plaza

~ Herb Infused Olive Oils:  Gourmet olive oils in collectable and artistically designed glass bottles infused with herbs grown at Unity Plaza

~ Herb Infused Soaps:  Locally crafted, hypoallergenic Goat’s Milk soap infused with the inspiring herbal and floral fragrances alive in Unity Plaza

~ Amphitheater seating & Meditation cushions:  Elegantly branded and specially made for hard and soft-scape comfort, also for use in amphitheater seating

~ Recycled Banner bags:  Unity Plaza’s seasonal banners will be recycled to create colorful, durable, one-of-a-kind totes perfect for picnics, grocery shopping and for all purpose use

~ Rethreaded Sewn Scarves:  Unity Plaza mission inspired and hand crafted in artful themes

~ Reusable Carafes:  Art in and of themselves, specially designed, durable and created from recycled materials for hot and cold beverages

~ Signature Gift Baskets:  Curated with a selection of specialized Unity Plaza merchandise

~ Stave Puzzles:  Designed with inspirational images of iconic Unity Plaza projects & events

~ Storytelling Dice:  Roll the dice, and create a story on your own, inspired by the images

~ Sunnyside Up Gardens by Backyard Safari:  Imagine growing your own birdhouse! What about a plant that responds to touch? These are just some of the fun plants included in this amazing garden along with instructions for crafts and recipes to make

~ Unity Ale & Unity Ale merchandise:  Intuition Ale limited edition beer, Ale glasses and men’s and women’s fashion cut t-shirts

~ UP Adult Gear:  Men’s and Women’s wellness clothing

~ UP Baby Gear:  Produced in organic cotton, these uniquely designed, screen printed and adorable onesies, jumpers and t-shirts allow your little one to wear their heart on their sleeve

proposal onesie   ~ UP Wine (Reds & Whites):  Made in limited edition

~ Worry Toss Orbs:  A single composite recycled cardboard vessels comes with rice paper sheets; jot down an issue, say a prayer or words of affirmation and then toss your negativity away

~ And more…

(This image is copyrighted by Brookish, an Etsy store, and serves as a lovely EXAMPLE of cutting-edge baby gear.  Brook and her husband designed a line of Jane Austen inspired merchandise.  The onesie to the left shares the marriage proposal to Jane by Mr. Darcy)

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