Countdown #7 to Unity Plaza opening – introducing our employment positions and first hire


Unity Plaza’s extensive, daily and best-practices approach to programming for events has revealed that it will require a three program director approach to bring the vision to fruition.  

Therefore, these are the initial positions we will hire.  Please openly share as you wish, resumes welcome.

1.   Program Director of Integrative Health, Leadership and Environment

2.   Program Director of Performing and Visual Arts

3.   Program Director of Community Engagement and Education

I am pleased to introduce you to my first secured professional, Kristi Lee Schatz, learn about Kristi in her own words:

My name is Kristi Lee Schatz and I am honored to be named the incoming Program Director for Integrative Health, Leadership, and Environmental Education at Unity Plaza. As a North Florida native, I am thrilled to have the opportunity to align my passion for producing inspiring live events with Unity Plaza’s mission.  I recently returned to this area after a decade long educational journey around the U.S., where I  earned a master’s degree in psychology in San Francisco, coordinated large-scale health and wellness conferences, workshops, and retreats in Boulder, and maintained a thriving private practice in Sedona. My passion for health, happiness, and sustainability will no doubt shine through in my role at Unity Plaza. Since returning to Florida last February, I launched a company called Peaceful Living Productions that currently programs holistic wellness events out of our Avondale venue, Peaceful Living Center. As a Program Director at Unity Plaza, I will further my personal mission of inspiring this community with empowering educational events that will lift us to our highest potential. This community has everything we need to thrive, and Unity Plaza’s programming is going to amplify just how amazing this city truly is. I am proud to call Jacksonville and Unity Plaza my home.  Photo credit: JennyRose Photography

Learn more about Kristi on her website:

As you can also read from the following testimonials gathered online about Kristi and her business, she will be a perfect fit for Unity Plaza:

Jim Schoettler: “Took my first meditation class Monday night. Kristi offered compassionate, soothing, thought-provoking messages throughout. I think it’s great she brought her business to our city and, more specifically, our immediate community of Riverside/Avondale. I would recommend anyone willing to let their guard down a little bit to give it a shot. Could be a life changer.”

Alex Coley: “Kristi is not only a gifted practitioner but also a wonderful being. We are so fortunate that she has chosen Jacksonville as her home. Great things are happening at Peaceful Living Center. Thank you Kristi.”

Lisa-Marie Dowler Cabrelli: “Jax is very, very lucky to have Kristi and her incredibly generous spirit. She is here to do great things and not one person who has met her could doubt her chances of success. Go Kristi!”

Florence Haridan: “As we all evolve, it is inspiring to have a woman such as Kristi Lee Schatz among us.”

Cindy: I just saw some of your youtube videos and was blown away by how much what you say is what I scream in my head. It was so refreshing to hear you talk about vulnerability (a March video). I am the co-owner of a Holistic Resource and Wellness Center in central New York. I have been struggling with “what is my place, my purpose, my gift.” I have wanted to start women’s gatherings up here but really, until I saw your video, I was still wavering in my commitment to it. I am scared. But I am also ready to challenge myself. My wife is a Network Spinal Analysis Practitioner and she knows exactly who she is. We opened the center in our small little town just a few months ago and she is busy doing her thing and I just seem to be treading water. Not sure where to go and what to do. But, ya know what? I am ready to be vulnerable. Thanks so much for helping me get there. I just wanted to share with you how much your video meant to me and just how far you have reached. Kuddos to you.”

Anthony Whiting: “Once again, sincere congratulations on your ever so successful and enjoyable Friday event! Thanks so much for the invitation to be there! You are well on your way to building up of a very important and needed entity in Jax — that is absolutely going to flourish and expand. The setting and the music and the spirit and the participants and our fearless leader — all fabulous!”

Kristina French: “Kristi- I want to let you know how much I appreciate you and all that you do. Because of you coming into my life I now meditate on a regular basis and even do meditations with my grandson before he goes to sleep. He says it is his favorite time- meditations and back rubs with grandma. It is really fun and now he is picking out his own color of balls and what they represent. I am so incredibly thankful to have learned this and to share it…Look at how AMAZING Peaceful Living Productions is! I am so blessed to have found you! Hopefully I can be back there soon. Many Blessing to YOU!”

Lesa Mullins: “The Peaceful Living Center offers a beautiful and comfortable space with all the amenities needed to create a successful event whether attending or facilitating. There is a wide variety of events offered and Kristi (the owner) has been a pleasure to work with when coordinating dates and details for the events I have facilitated in this venue. If you are on your spiritual journey, self-discovery journey or just curious about finding out more and/or experiencing techniques and modalities, I highly recommend the Peaceful Living Center. The community is gentle, caring and also FUN. Create more joy in your life. Attend an event at the Peaceful Living Center.”

Marilyn Wilson: “Only an open-hearted desire to connect individuals in a safe and harmonious environment, is the essence of Peaceful Living Center (PLC). Offering space for healing and heartfelt gatherings is Kristi’s purpose — expanding our community and having a HUB to grow from is the simple pleasure she brings to all of us. One of the challenges we all have is a place to share our passions, our paths, and our story…Kristi offers that to all. Thank you Kristi for providing the space for all of us to unite in peace and unity. No pressure, no agenda…..just heart. I’ve hosted, facilitated, and participated in many events in this community venue and have always felt the warmth and hospitality of any caring community. Much appreciated.”

Chuck Anderson: “Having discovered the Peaceful Living Center in in October, I’ve found it to offer some extremely helpful and beneficial programs and events that are difficult to find in Jacksonville. From meditation to yoga and personal development workshops, the center and it’s owner Kristi are dedicated to providing an environment for learning and health that is really needed in Jacksonville. Through the many events attended at the center, I’ve had the great fortune to meet many others who are seeking natural health, healing and wellness. I would encourage you to attend one or two of the events yourself at the center and make your own judgments about the centers true purpose. A few of my favorite events are the Monday evening Guided Meditations, Monthly Tribal Learning’s and Yoga sessions. I would highly recommend the center to anyone interested in holistic health and well being. It is a great resource here in Jacksonville.”

Scott Catamas: “I travel and teach in yoga studios throughout United States, and this location has a beautiful environment and attracts wonderful people.”

David Scoggins: “The Peaceful Living Center has been a great resource where I have participated in classes in personal development, meditation and holistic health. It is also the home to a wonderful community of caring loving people… The center does what it’s name implies. It helps one to increase the transcendent peace we need to navigate through the difficulties of life.”

Dori Matthews Thomsen: “This Center is a saving grace for the area of Jacksonville. It’s developed into more of loving, thriving community center. It supports small business owners by allowing them to host workshops and events, it opens its doors to those wanting to make profound life changes and personal growth, and it does so with whole hearted good intention and professionalism. I have personally attended a number of gatherings and I also host classes there on a regular basis. It’s a great place to host events, the layout is beautiful, the energy is peaceful. What this center offers is truly beyond words that can be written in a review. One must go see for your Self. I’m a fan and am grateful for what this Center is doing.”

Caren Burmesiter: “The Peaceful Living Center offers a wide variety of programs focusing on mind, body and spiritual consciousness. Programs range from drumming, yoga and meditation to expanding our business and creative potential. My life has improved immeasurably since I’ve been attending the Center, as it has given me the opportunity to explore areas of my life that I’ve long neglected. I’m a regular at the center and have always found Kristi (the founder) to be very warm and welcoming to everyone who enters. Her joy and friendliness is a real asset to the center and the community.”

Andrea Adams: “The Peaceful Living Center is a wonderful space full of love and community. The spirit of authentic connection and Divine flow resides here. So grateful to have found this space. May it blossom and grow always, in all ways”

Jeffery Spear: “I like this place – and the people involved. It’s that simple. While I may not be as spiritual or fully engaged in the health and well being practices as some would prefer (I’m a bit of a heathen), the services and workshops I’ve experienced are as well crafted and expertly delivered as some of the other world-renown healthful living and personal growth centers I’ve experienced. Everyone is warm, caring, inviting and gracious and has plenty to offer. I would recommend the Peaceful Living Center without hesitation.”


Happy new year to you from Kristi and friends!

Best wishes – Jen Jones | Executive Director | Jacksonville Unity Plaza, Inc. | | 904.363.9002

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