Unity Plaza Visionary in India for Project-enhancing Sojourn

Good Monday to you friends!  Alex is in India for a few weeks and during his sojourn, I thought it would be fun to share his progress and personal thoughts and just live a little vicariously through him.  We will be posting his daily updates beginning today… hope you enjoy and thanks for tuning in.  More info follows as well as the first several days experiences!



As you all know, in the development of a start-up there are several crucial aspects that must be taken out of the imagineering realm and nailed down in the physical realm.  For instance, the mission, vision and values statements, business plan, budgets, programming calendar, sponsors, partnerships, marketing plan, and on and on the list goes with elements vital to organizational success.

What many of us might not immediately recognize when planning a new venture is how much of our own personal growth and spirituality also play a role in creating an holistic project with success written all over it.  For instance, Alex Coley, visioner of Unity Plaza and Principal of NAI Hallmark Partners, provided me the fundamentals for a purpose-filled launch into executive directing the Unity Plaza playbook by sending me to study with Deepak Chopra’s team this past summer, as well as touring with me the nations top outdoor programmed spaces.  Those among them are the two selected as our models, Pioneer Courthouse Square in Portland and Bryant Park in NYC.  These unique, and even ground-breaking, experiences had over the past 6 months fully present themselves in the programming and branding essence of Unity Plaza as an elevating Central Park for Jacksonville; as well they changed my life for the better personally.  Preceded by my experiences working with NAI Hallmark Partners, was the hefty, decade-long journey to enlightenment that our fearless leader has undertaken to ensure he rears a corporate culture founded on the principles of relationship, grace, benevolence and trust.

Now, Alex has pushed forward his personal education again to further enhance the Unity Plaza project and ethos at NAI Hallmark Partners and as of Saturday, touched down in India to participate in a two-week-long guided tour and personal growth journey entitled “The Spiritual Splendors of India”.  In this experience he will be treated to:

  • Visit the Deepalaya School, which serves local underprivileged children, on a revealing Neighborhood Connection
  • Take an exciting rickshaw ride through the colorful shopping district of Chandni Chowk on our Market Connection
  • Experience both sunrise and sunset visits to the Taj Mahal
  • Enjoy an elephant safari on a private Rajput farm
  • Make a Spiritual Connection as you witness the evening Aarti ceremony near the Ganges by the light of candles and lanterns
  • Marvel at an unforgettable sunrise on an early morning boat ride on the sacred river Ganges

Beginning on Saturday at 1:30am, touchdown time, here we go!

Day 1:  “Arriving in India at 1:30am local time. A lot of people. There is calm and ease in this crowded place.”

touchdown in India

Day 2:   “This is a market!”


“New Delhi India.  A temple for all faiths in a country of many. A world of many.”

New Delhi

“Dastkan Haat Crafts Bazaar”



“Comfort and Cool”


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