COUNTDOWN TO UNITY PLAZA OPENING #9 – Metro Jacksonville Broadcasting Station & Events at Unity!

Best Kiosk constriuction example for Monumental kioskMetro Jacksonville, an affiliate of, will be a video broad and webcasting entity that will create the first city-based peer-to-peer forum for civic engagement in the nation at Unity Plaza.

It will cover the elements of civic engagement that are common to all cities, such as transportation, urban development, historic preservation, urban planning, cultural development and the many social and infrastructural issues that cities have to deal with every day.

They will broadcast 6 hours per day and create engagement forums with peer-cities, combining groups from multiple cities to discuss real time issues and comparing strategies and sharing experience and insights as they arise.

The Metro Jacksonville Broadcasting Station will become an instantly brandable location and setting for some of the most important discussions that civic groups will be enabled to have over the next five years.

MJ’s Trojan horse is this will also video and audio record the contemporary history of Jacksonville, therefore ushering in a fresh, new chapter for Jacksonville synchronized with the arrival of Unity Plaza.


Metro Jacksonville Mad Zora Truman Festival

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