Countdown #12 to Unity Plaza opening – New Clubs for Adults & Kids!

reading-book-clubUnity Plaza, a public-private-partnership with the City of Jacksonville, NAI Hallmark Partners and the 501c3, Jacksonville Unity Plaza Inc., is a gathering space for the people of Jacksonville to be welcomed, entertained, nourished and educated…opening in October 2014.

Organic-Gourmet-For-A-Day_reward_largeTherefore, as part of our programming to meet this goal, we have designed clubs for children and adults that serve the mission.

Please take a peak and let us know if you have any questions and or would like to take a leadership role to assist in their facilitation.

The following clubs are in development:

7 Days of Giving:  A Rewards Club based on the ideal “GIVE MORE, WEIGH LESS!”  Supports dozens of critical not-for-profits in North Florida.

Cultural Creatives Meet UP:  A club for the people of Jacksonville looking to plug into opportunities and volunteerism that will allow them to be a part of the change they seek for our community.

Intenders:  Stating your personal intentions regarding what you will do to better your life and the world is a powerful catalyst for making said change.  Be a part of a motivational group of friends supporting your intentions.

Joy of Life:  LIfe is glorious, especially if lived to the fullest.  This V.I.P. Rewards Club treats you to the exclusive amenities and benefits of Unity Plaza.

UP Book Club:  Book clubs each for children, adults and the parent-child team will be facilitated in a fun and engaging fashion on the Unity Plaza campus.

UP Kids:  A Rewards Club for kids based on developing, implementing and completing community service projects – a stellar way for children and adults to bond more deeply and meet other great Jacksonville families who share the same values.

Screen Shot 2014-01-27 at 1.42.57 PM

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