Countdown #20 to Unity Plaza opening ~ a Home for Community Advocacy

advocacyThrough the efforts of over 50 organizations such as JAX2025, DIA, City of Jacksonville, Downtown Vision Inc., ULI, World Class Jacksonville and tens of thousands of inspired individuals, we are pulling together like never before to make Jacksonville a world-class city by 2025. This community wide effort has combined the wisdom of pioneer thought-leaders with fresh creative talent stepping up to serve the common goal of making Jacksonville the best city possible! By coalescing the advocates of this community, we are creating a sustainable and unified vision that will propel us into our bright future.

At Friday’s JAXChamber Downtown Council breakfast presentation, Unity Plaza’s Executive Director, Jen Jones, referenced how we are each a stakeholder in this community and encouraged us to let our voices be heard and get engaged with the change we seek.  Attached is the slide show presentation from the chamber event that demonstrates how Unity Plaza will serve as a home for this advocacy – now in its virtual voice via email and social media and consistent and stalwartly upon daily events at the Plaza beginning this Fall.

2014 Unity Plaza Downtown Advocacy Presentation_incl Unity Plaza_DIA_World Class Jax_final

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