Countdown #31 To Unity Plaza Opening – Elkins Constructors Break Ground on Plaza


Unity Plaza Performing Arts Area
Unity Plaza was featured in the Jacksonville Business Journal today as Elkins Constructors Inc. begins to break ground on the development of the plaza infrastructure. Unity Plaza’s Groundbreaking Celebration, held March 30, 2014, brought together prominent members of Jacksonville alongside local community supporters. As anticipation has been building for the construction to unfold, we are thrilled to watch this new community asset come to life. Pictured above is the basic site plan for the plaza that is currently being developed. Read Original Article.

At the celebration, we wanted to hear from the community so we asked the everyone to tell us their dreams for Jacksonville. Below are a few of the visions that we hope to help manifest through the development of Unity Plaza:

My dream for Jacksonville is…

“For it to continue to grow exponentially in the arts and culture, and be led by politicians who focus not on their own benefit, but on the well-being of the city’s citizens.”

“To be the type of city that folks from other cities come to visit for planning and development inspiration. To be recognized in 10 years as a city that has transformed for the better and is now one of the most desired places to live.”

“To develop into the city that my kids will thrive and want to live in.”

“For women to be heart healthy. For all citizens to discover within the vastness of arts and culture “that thing” which ignites their passion and elevates their spirit from the mundane to the sublime. For children to be raised in homes full of love reverence for all humans, education that demands their best and with a sense of hope. For those who’ve’ to share more with those who have not. “For business to prosper in a way that does not require the brute destruction of nature.”

“To become a livable, sustainable, metropolitan, and intellectual community.”

“To attract more young professionals to Jacksonville’s urban core through walkability, art, culture, and entertainment.”

“The members of city council and mayor and their staffs become knowledgeable about and in support of initiatives that result in bright, talented, creative young people staying in Jacksonville, as well as move here. Those initiative are effective mass transit combined with a substantial increase in bicycle paths and walkability that allow them to live and work here without a car.”

“A vibrant community, well balanced with opportunities for all in thriving neighborhoods throughout our metro area, equally well serving the needs of its existing population and provides the impetus for growth and prosperity across the region. Downtown should always be the cultural center, civic hub, and symbol of regional pride and accomplishment. It’s character should be defined by the engagement of its citizens, the commitment to its well being and its welcoming and energized sense of place.”

“To have all the culture and resources to be considered the best place to live in the country”

“Continue opening to the new energetic ideas of the younger generation that seems to be populating the city. Bicycle friendly friendly roads, pedestrian friendly connections between neighborhoods like the river and the shuttle bus between downtown and the beaches, free concerts/ballet/opera/play performances during lunch time. And don’t forget the river! Let’s take advantage of this wonderful resource.”

“For it to continue to grown into its own with a vibrant and varied cultural landscape, and inspired food scene, and a socially conscious mindset that connects us all and inspires each of us to do better on a daily basis. I want it to be a place where great ideas are not only brought back and implemented, but where residents and visitors alike find inspiration.”

“That it continues to develop as a center for creativity and prosperity and that Jacksonville ignites the engagement, interaction and mutual respect of its people.”

“More beauty, more energy, more connections, more creativity, more tolerance, more collaboration, and more love!”

Plus many, many more!





Read Full Article.

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