Countdown #45 to Unity Plaza Opening – Annual Events 2015!

By providing access to thousands of free events celebrating our diversity within the themes of arts and culture, mind, body and spirit wellness, and community engagement, Unity Plaza will nurture our city and all of its’ people. Based on the successful models of Bryant Park in New York City and Pioneer Courthouse Square in Portland, Unity Plaza, in collaboration with hundreds of our region’s nonprofit organizations, will help fuel the revival recently ignited in Jacksonville’s urban core. According to Alex Coley, Unity Plaza land donor, “In their own individual ways, both Bryant Park and Pioneer Square are unique expressions of the communities that gave birth to them and both continue to reinvent and re- energize their cities every single day. There is a history and a journey associated with each of these special places including a vision, stewards and a collective will resulting in enhanced communities. Great cities all have these iconic places that provide the community with a venue for gathering and being their best.”

UNITY PLAZA CALENDAR OF EVENTS 2015-16 — updated as of Jan 25 2015

(In Microsoft Word to retain hotlinks to partner organizations, this list is the first wave of annual only events – more to come!)

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