Unity Plaza Daily, Weekly, Monthly, & Annual Activities Begin May 1!

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On Friday May 1, 2015, the UP commUNITY Center sponsored by JAX Federal Credit Union will “officially” open its doors to launch the initial wave of community inspired programming at Unity Plaza, 365 days per year!  Our dynamic year-round calendar will include daily, weekly, monthly and annual events that will ignite the community with new ways to get healthy, stay happy, and feel connected.

Each month, Unity Plaza will feature a unique theme that will be the undercurrent for the ongoing activities on campus. These themes were designed based upon personal, seasonal, and social cycles.

Daily, weekly, monthly, and annual events

Click this link above to download the entire list of daily, weekly, monthly and annual activity plans at Unity Plaza beginning March 18 and March 29, then kicking into 365 days of full activity May 1, 2015.

Screen Shot 2015-03-02 at 9.48.28 PMMONTHLY THEMES

  • January: Nurture
  • February: Inspiration
  • March: Transformation
  • April: Action
  • May: Passion
  • June: Celebration
  • July: Fulfillment
  • August: Change
  • September: Focus
  • October: Growth
  • November: Gratitude
  • December: Joy


We look forward to sharing fun activities, fellowship and forward civic momentum with you beginning next month!

Jennifer Jones, Executive Director Kristi Lee Schatz, M.A., Director of Wellness

Jacksonville Unity Plaza, Inc.
Email: Jen: jj@unityplaza.org / Kristi: wellness@unityplaza.org

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