Unity Plaza Event Planning & Rental Guide


Unity Plaza is Jacksonville’s new event hub featuring multiple venues on one campus. From business meetings, to festivals, concerts, weddings and receptions, fundraisers, and workshops, this is the perfect spot for a variety of activities.

Unity Plaza Site Map

The plaza is home to several programmable areas including an amphitheater and stage, botanical garden, indoor community center and outdoor green spaces. Situated around the Unity Pond are spirited activities including chessboards, ping-pong tables, bocce ball, board games and an outdoor reading library. Several kiosks providing food, beverage, spirits, board games, and handmade products are housed on site in addition to the exceptional dining experiences provided by our three campus restaurants within the neighboring 220 Riverside facility.

Unity Plaza’s Event Planning & Rental Guide




UNP-14012-Logo-OnlyUnity plaza is a life enriching urban gathering space designed to uplift, educate, entertain, and electrify Jacksonville through 365 days of wellness, performing arts, and community engagement activities.

Contact: Kristi Lee Schatz at wellness@untiyplaza.org for more information

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