Operational Update for Unity Plaza!

UNP-Logo-Wellness-CMYKRepost from Jen Jones:

I want to share some stellar Unity Plaza project updates, just in our infancy…

From the stand point of Wellness activities and the Jacksonville community really “showing up” to dive into our holistic wellness fun, and at only the beginning of day 4 of our actual operations we have enjoyed:

1. 379 people partake in our very first, 14-day, guided meditation challenge

2. Teaching 5 free yoga and yoga nidra classes which had people attend each time

3. Introduced the Amrit Yoga 12-week “I AM” Series to NE Fla to the tune of $249 per person for this fun and deep, wellness immersion and 15 people registered – young to old, executive VPs to students. 100% of proceeds benefit the teachers of these courses.

4. Introduced “Listen to Your Heart; Transcendental Meditation and Cardiac Health” as a free lecture in our community which cultivated enough excitement that 6 individuals registered to take the in-depth Transcendental Meditation course, a 4-day workshop, with a retail price point of $960 per person. 70% benefit the teachers of these courses.

A special Unity Plaza discount is being offered – please contact Kristi Lee Schatz @ wellness@unityplaza.org for registration information.

Holy moly, we are on our way! Thank you ALL for being a major partner in this journey.


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