Free Introduction to Collaborative Skills – October 27, 2015


Meet the Experts and Enhance Your Collaborative Skills – Tuesday, October 27, 6-7:30pm at Unity Plaza

Radical Collaboration

Radical Collaboration Book CoverRadical Collaboration: Five Essential Skills to Overcome Defensiveness and Build Successful Relationships.

Unity Plaza and the Green Zone Culture Group are partnering to build an even more collaborative Jacksonville. Jim Tamm and Ron Luyet, authors of the best selling book Radical Collaboration, will join their Jacksonville partner Celeste Blackman to offer a free Introduction to Collaborative Skills on Tuesday, October 27th from 6:00-7:30 at Unity Plaza.

According to Celeste ‘we are better together, but together isn’t always easy.’ Most of us have had little training or support in building collaborative skills, yet we ask people to collaborate all the time and then we act surprised and disappointed when they come up short.
Many people have misperceptions about what collaboration is. Too often they have experienced collaboration as compromise, coercion or capitulation, making it feel like a weak and unattractive option. But real collaboration is a powerful tool for creative problem solving and shared benefit. Radical Collaboration provides the tools to help individuals skillfully bring this concept into action. They learn how to cultivate a cooperative mindset and practice using a set of creative problem solving tools that can transform adversaries into partners.
True collaboration begins inside with a cooperative mindset that promotes effective communication, sustainable learning, maximum contribution and innovation, all of which lead to a healthier community and a more profitable bottom line. Come discover how you can make a positive impact through your capacity to collaborate. Meet the experts, learn a few new skills and stick around for a book signing afterwards. We’d love to share the experience with you!

Learn more about Radical Collaboration and the authors at

The Jacksonville based Green Zone Culture Group specializes in building high trust, collaborative environments that optimize human performance. Green Zone Cultures are built on the belief that organizational success depends largely on the ability of leaders and managers to build great places to work. These are places where workers feel included, capable, respected and cared about, thus releasing the discretionary emotional energy that transforms ordinary performance into extraordinary results. For more information about the workshop, the facilitators and Green Zone Thinking, visit the Green Zone Culture Group website at

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Celeste Blackman

Additional Event: Radical Collaboration Workshop, October 28-30 at Unity Plaza – Read More



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